CropBiolife contains organic carbon & minerals derived from fruit and vegetable extracts and combined with fruit acids, which help strengthen the plant’s normal rigid state. It is designed to be used as a stand alone or with foliar nutrients. If need to be used with other chemicals in the same mix, please first contact the distributor. CropBioLife is both organic certified and approved by Act 36, South Africa. It is made from food grade materials only and is non-toxic and also naturally non-corrosive.

CropBioLife‘s unique formulation causes “metabolic triggers” to be activated in the plant resulting in photosynthesis enhancement. The process uses more sunlight energy and allows carbon compounds to increase the manufacturing of sugars, carbohydrates, proteins and other substances then to be transferred into the root zone.

CropBioLife is NOT a fungicide, but rather helps the plant defend itself against viral, fungal and bacterial attack through the production of what is known as “Phytoalexins”. These are anti-toxins naturally produced by the plant. Phytoalexin accumulation is just a part of an integrated series of plant responses leading from early detection to eventual neutralization of potentially lethal invading microorganism. In short, CropBioLife takes your stressed plant back to a “Wild Type” plant.

Some of the benefits & advantages of using CropBioLife on your crops:

  • Increased yield and quality of crops – contact the distributor for more detailed results;
  • Increased absorption of nutrients and micro elements – contact the distributor for more detailed results;
  • CropbioLife foliar applications cause increased root exudates which change the rhizosphere and therefore make unavailable nutrients available.
  • Peak is reached within 30 days of application – contact the distributor for more detailed results;

  • Balanced hormones and nutrients help the plant to obtain better health and vigour as well as to fight off pathogens;
  • Less sucking insects as well as less nematodes in roots – contact the distributor for more detailed results;
  • Decreases dependency on chemicals;

  • Colour enhancement of different fruits;
  • Does not alter taste, has no odour and has no residual withholding periods;
  • Safe to apply until right before harvest;

  • Greatly decreased environmental impact (organic certified);
  • Completely biodegradable;
  • Non-corrosive to equipment; and
  • Cost effective

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